Monday, July 25, 2011

Update mate.

Finally got my new bars back from Dave at BURLEIGH BARS. They are fuckin magnificent. love the look. Perfect sitting position for my sprung solo seat. and the finish of the black powder coat over the polished stainless steel is flawless. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THESE BARS? The style is called DUKES. but I have added the drilled gussets, and Dakota gauge cup. So chat to Dave about your needs and desires. He makes the best bars on the planet. Forget the Chinese cheap rubbish bars, Buy Burleigh Bars.( Shameless Plug)

When I had my 2007 Bonneville, I scored some BSA finned exhaust header clamps, From India. which looked great on the trumpy, So I decided to bore a set out to fit the 1.3/4" header pipe on the Shovel, and as these heads have a 3 bolt port, (instead of 1 bolt) ( I have made a 2 bolt flange on these pipes) So I had to cut out the back side of the finned clamp, for the Allen key bolt heads to locate for clearance.
after a little dicking around the fitted perfect, cool Huh?


Heres a left side shot, the JAY-BRAKE smoothie primary cover is visible, you do not see too many of these around, as they are an acquired taste, Not my favorite,  But it kind of grows on you,
and the last shot for today is the front fender mount / fork brace, designed to match the rear fender supports. and as with all the drilled stuff, It will get a coat of gloss black and some contrast cut.

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