Saturday, October 8, 2011



Finally had time to finish prepping all the sheet metal, ready for paint. Spent the best part of a day, making custom stands for each part, So the painters did not have to sit the tinware on boxes or hang off wire. Each stand could also be stood end on, to spray the underside.

 Kjell Paterson, "VON PATO" is a local Gold Coaster that has been making his mark in the old school pinstripe arena, This is the first time I have had an opportunity to make use of Kjell's talent, and I am very happy with the result. The Gloss white stripes on the flat Bone paint has come out fantastic.
 My Very good friend, Alberto, Of Marquise flooring, is responsible for the panel and paint, his boys made an extra fine job of perfecting the finish on my sheet metal, and applied the PPG Matt clear over the Sandstone grey. and did not charge me nearly enough for the time they spent on it. THANKS ALBERTO.

 Next you will notice the hard stainless steel oil lines, that I have spent most of a day bending up.
and also I ball mill machined the end of the Hydraulic clutch actuator cover, to add a shaved fin look to it,

 Some fine detail visible is the small holes above the rear plated mount.


FINALLY, got the frame back from the powder coaters, Took the idiots 3 goes to get it right, and they charged me extra for the privilege of getting it wrong.
Anyway on with the show,

Swingarm, Frontend, and wheels are the first to be mounted, The pulley (Sporty 1") got a fresh coat of texture black and was treated to a small countersink of all the factory holes around the perimeter.
 The Rocker Box oil feed lines have been removed, as they feed from the rear to the front, and the front exhaust rocker is the last to get oil.
SO, some new stainless tube and fittings were reshaped via a tee piece, to supply both rocker boxes with black gold at the same time.

The Front fork brace was a bitch to counter cut after it was coated, but came out OK.
And it took me a day to Machine, Bend, and style the top engine mount out of 20mm square bar.
I wanted a girder beam look, and although the twin coil packs hide most of it, I am very happy with the result.

 The Primary Drive was treated to some late model tech, the BDL compensating sprocket simplifies and lightens up the mass off the crank, an Automatic Chain adjuster was installed, As the JAYBRAKE Primary cover has no inspection cover for chain adjustment, and to keep with the minimal maintenance theme, I have also fitted a Hydraulic clutch. and Late model starter and clutch pack.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Update mate.

Finally got my new bars back from Dave at BURLEIGH BARS. They are fuckin magnificent. love the look. Perfect sitting position for my sprung solo seat. and the finish of the black powder coat over the polished stainless steel is flawless. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THESE BARS? The style is called DUKES. but I have added the drilled gussets, and Dakota gauge cup. So chat to Dave about your needs and desires. He makes the best bars on the planet. Forget the Chinese cheap rubbish bars, Buy Burleigh Bars.( Shameless Plug)

When I had my 2007 Bonneville, I scored some BSA finned exhaust header clamps, From India. which looked great on the trumpy, So I decided to bore a set out to fit the 1.3/4" header pipe on the Shovel, and as these heads have a 3 bolt port, (instead of 1 bolt) ( I have made a 2 bolt flange on these pipes) So I had to cut out the back side of the finned clamp, for the Allen key bolt heads to locate for clearance.
after a little dicking around the fitted perfect, cool Huh?


Heres a left side shot, the JAY-BRAKE smoothie primary cover is visible, you do not see too many of these around, as they are an acquired taste, Not my favorite,  But it kind of grows on you,
and the last shot for today is the front fender mount / fork brace, designed to match the rear fender supports. and as with all the drilled stuff, It will get a coat of gloss black and some contrast cut.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 Finally had some time to get the rear tail light mounted, and some new rear struts made, Once they are painted and contrast cut, they will match the style of the trim ring on the light.

Drilled belt guards are on the drawing board.

The boys down at BURLEIGH BARS have done it again, Came up with another fine masterpiece.
And yet again, they have gone out of their way to help me out. making me up a set of their NEW "DUKES" in a non standard size and finish for my special needs project.

THANKS DAVE. You are a champion.

 Here is the DUKES, with the speedo cup welded in the center to tie the 2 bars together,  Have to make up some drilled gussets to fit into the right angle join.

 Spent most of Sunday, and well into the evening (8:30pm knock off) Made up some 2 bolt exhaust flanges, and fabricated some high/low fatboy pipes, out of some mandrel bends. finished off with bell tip mufflers.  Still thinking about adding the black header wrap.

Next I will finish off the bars and send them out to powder coat in gloss black, and then work on the front fender mount.