Saturday, October 8, 2011


FINALLY, got the frame back from the powder coaters, Took the idiots 3 goes to get it right, and they charged me extra for the privilege of getting it wrong.
Anyway on with the show,

Swingarm, Frontend, and wheels are the first to be mounted, The pulley (Sporty 1") got a fresh coat of texture black and was treated to a small countersink of all the factory holes around the perimeter.
 The Rocker Box oil feed lines have been removed, as they feed from the rear to the front, and the front exhaust rocker is the last to get oil.
SO, some new stainless tube and fittings were reshaped via a tee piece, to supply both rocker boxes with black gold at the same time.

The Front fork brace was a bitch to counter cut after it was coated, but came out OK.
And it took me a day to Machine, Bend, and style the top engine mount out of 20mm square bar.
I wanted a girder beam look, and although the twin coil packs hide most of it, I am very happy with the result.

 The Primary Drive was treated to some late model tech, the BDL compensating sprocket simplifies and lightens up the mass off the crank, an Automatic Chain adjuster was installed, As the JAYBRAKE Primary cover has no inspection cover for chain adjustment, and to keep with the minimal maintenance theme, I have also fitted a Hydraulic clutch. and Late model starter and clutch pack.

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